Who says erotic paranormal shape-shifter menage books can’t be funny?

With Loved by Wolves going on presale on October 31st, I thought I’d go back to the beginning and the first Call of the Wolf book that introduces Harmony, Washington.
My first paranormal erotic romance was Claimed by Wolves.  I didn’t consciously decided to write a paranormal romance. But then this scene came to me one morning on the way to work and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  Here’s the first part of the scene the started the series
CLAIMED BY WOLVES – The scene:  Gabe (the Alpha) is in his wolf-dog form to spy on Samantha.  He doesn’t realize that she… knows he’s not just a stray dog and has decided to teach him a lesson.
The brushing actually felt pretty good. He could get used to this. He closed his eyes and leaned back. So when Sam placed a thick leather collar around his neck, he was taken by surprise and didn’t react until after she had it fastened and the leash attached.
“Well, pup,” she said. “Time to go walkies. I’m heading to town and I’d like some company, and you cannot run free in town. The dog catcher would lock you up.”
She set off down the stairs. Gabe had no choice but to follow. When they went outside, he tugged at the leash, but she had it wound around her hand and arm in such a way that he’d hurt her if he pulled too hard. As a result, he found himself bundled into her Corvette.
Damn, he thought, looking around. This car is amazing. She’s done a great job with the restoration. He forced himself to sit still so his claws didn’t scratch the leather, but what he really wanted was for her to pull over so he could look under the hood, but that would have to wait. He looked at the dashboard clock. It was almost ten, and he was hungry, but he was also sick of kibble. The sooner he confessed his secret to Sam, the better.
The ride ended up being kind of fun. He’d never been in a car in wolf-dog form. She’d left the window partially open, and he shoved his head through, enjoying the feeling of the wind ruffling his ears. He found himself actually howling with enjoyment. Maybe he’d be embarrassed when he changed back, but for now, he was going to enjoy himself.
Gabe found his good mood lasted all the way into town until he realized just where she was going. Then he started whining and trying to pull away, but she did that thing with the leash again, and he could see her wince when he tugged on the leash, so he ended up walking beside her, his inner human cringing with embarrassment, desperately hoping that no one he knew was in town at ten a.m. on a Saturday morning.
Fat chance, of course, especially when her first stop was McAllisters. He wanted to drop down through the floor as his brothers recognized him. He tried growling at them, but Samantha tugged his leash and his brothers just laughed harder.
Things went bad to worse when Nick excused himself to “take care of something in the back.” Gabe knew just what that “something” was. The bastard was calling people. At minimum, his other brothers would be hotfooting it over here. Worst case, it would be half the wolves in town.
When Nick came back, Samantha had let the leash play out a bit since they were inside. Gabe very deliberately walked over to his brother, who leaned down to patronizingly pat him on the head, and raised his leg and peed on Nick’s foot.
“Bad, bad, Fido,” scolded Samantha, causing his brothers to get the giggles again.
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