Time to Return to Harmony Washington and the Call of the Wolf

Call of the Wolf 3, “Loved by Wolves” on Presale Thursday and ready for download Nov. 11th.

Penelope Levinson, owner of the Sunshine Cafe and wolf-dog shape-shifting firefighting cousins Kent & Tucker O’Mara and John and Jack Stephens have known all their lives they were destined to be together.  So why won’t the Mating Ceremony work?  They’ve been trying since she turned twenty five, and failure after failure is driving them apart.  Mating has become a chore, not a pleasure and they are getting tired of people asking them when they are going to settle down, Mate and start a family.

They decide to give up on the ceremony if one last try doesn’t work, but what does that mean for their relationship?  Without the Ceremony, Penelope faces exhaustion trying to handle the demands of the four brothers.

And then there’s Oliver McKay, the new doctor in town and a human.  Why does Penelope suddenly find herself attracted to him?  Does this mean it’s time to give up on love with her wolves and move on?

In the meantime, check out Call of the Wolf, Books 1 and 2:  “Claimed by Wolves” and “Desired by Wolves”

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Samantha Anderson is carrying out her grandmother’s last wish and visiting the Northwest to learn about her family’s heritage.

She’s surprised by her immediate attraction to the five McAllister brothers: sexy big brother and pack alpha Gabe, hot carpenter twins Bart and Nick, and young and sweet fitness trainer twins Eddie and Andy. She’s even more surprised when they all decide to pursue her.

What she doesn’t know is that the wolf-dog shape-shifting brothers have recognized her as their mate and are determined to win her over so she’ll agree to a formal mating ceremony which will tie her to them forever.

The only holdout is Gabe, who worries about mating with a human and wants to learn more about her before revealing their secret. To do this, he decides to spy on her in wolf-dog form. That’s when he finds out that Samantha has a secret of her own.



Veterinarian Lena Windsor grew up expecting to be mated to shape-shifter Alex James and his brothers, Joe and Will, when she finished university, but when military vet Alex leaves the three of them behind to re-enlist, she builds a new life for herself, eventually coming home to take over her fathers’ practice in Harmony, where she reconciles with Joe and Will.

One day, Lena begins to suspect that someone has been prowling around her house while she’s at work and uses a nanny cam to find the culprit. She’s shocked to see a very changed Alex, who is dealing with a severe war injury by bonding, in wolf-dog form, with the stray dog she adopted who has a similar injury.

She’d never turn away an injured animal, not even when he’s also the man who broke her heart. Can she help him to heal without falling in love with him again?

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