Welcome to Harmony – Call of the Wolf 3 on pre-Sale Nov 1st/releasing Nov 11

Meet the hunky wolf-dog shape shifters of Harmony Washington:

In book 1, Claimed by Wolves, Samantha Anderson meets the McAllister brothers lead by Alpha Gabe.  She’s shocked that she’s attracted to all the brothers.  They’re worried that a human will not be able to deal with shape-shifters.

In book 2, Desired by Wolves, Lena battles her love for Alex James and his brothers.  Alex walked out on them all years ago.  Now the injured vet is back and only Lena can heal him.  Can she do it without losing her heart?

In book 3, Loved by Wolves, Penelope loves her shape-shifting men, cousins John & Jack and Kent & Tucker.  They are frustrated by the fact that the Mating Ceremony won’t work.  And then she finds that she’s attracted to Oliver, a human.  Does that mean it’s time to stop trying with her hunky wolves?


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