CONTEST: Closed – thanks for entering!

The five contests are closed and thank you to everyone who entered.  And the winners are:
Contest 1: Kristal Fahl wins “Sun, Sand and Submission”.
Contest 2: Teresa Jacobs wins “No Place Like Home”
Contest 3: Linda Mallett wins” Submission for Skeptics”
Contest 4: Libby Barns wins “Desired by Wolves”
Contest 5: Abigail Madison Chase wins “The Dom, the Switch and the Sub”
Website entrants:  Sheila F and Nancy Goldberg Levine “Claimed by Wolves”
All Winners have been notified.
Contest Announcement!!!   Here are the details!  I am going to be giving away 5 books on Sunday October 27th, 2013.
*** If you don’t have a Facebook account, just leave a comment on THIS post with the name of the book of mine that you want to win (go to to find a list of my books) and I’ll pick one comment at random and they’ll win the book they’ve named.  But hurry. Contest closes today, October 26th at midnight***
Head on over to my Facebook page and enter today:
There is no cost to enter and no need to buy one of my books (although it would be super nice if you did, LOL!).   Books will be in eBook format and downloadable to all major eReaders.
And now the rules:  You can enter all 5 contests, but only enter each contest a single time.   Anyone who enters a contest more than once will be disqualified.
For each contest, you must leave a comment with the which book of mine that fits the particular category of the contest that you would like to win.  You just need to post the title of my book.  You don’t have to say anything else.
On Sunday morning, I will randomly choose one of the comments as the winner and send the winner Gift Code to download the book they chose from the Bookstrand site for each of the 5 contests.  If you have any questions, please feel free to message me and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

6 responses to “CONTEST: Closed – thanks for entering!

  1. Thank you for the prize.:)

  2. Hey, all. With only two entrants, I can’t choose. You are both winners! Sheila F, your gift code is on it’s way. Nancy, I need your email. Please see the comment under yours with how to send me the info.

    Thank you both for entering!!

    Diane Leyne

  3. Clalmed by Wolves. l love the quote at the top of thls page. One of my best frlends, who passed away earler thls year (cancer and he was a smoker), (he also deslgned the cover for the one and only prlnt romance novel l ever sold), used to wear a T shlrt wlth that quote on lt. Thanks for helplng me remember my buddy, Kelth,

  4. Your Claimed by Wolves has grabbed my attention.:) It makes me wonder what she is hiding and how long Gabe will hold out.

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