On PreSale Now: Book 4 of the Libertine Island Collection – The Picture of Submission

It seems like everyone Maggie Barton knows is now into BDSM, including her adoptive brother and her three best friends.  Maggie’s happy to play at being submissive, but there’s no way she’s giving up control for real.

But to get a plum job of doing the photos for a prestigious book on submission, she needs to learn all about the subject, fast.  Enter the Hayes brothers.

She first met them on Libertine Island at her brother’s wedding.  Rejected by the oldest brother Chris, she ended up in the arms of Carter and Dalton, who didn’t have Chris’s issues about her not being able to truly submit.  Now Chris has been asked to train her so she can truly understand what it means to be submissive.  She can either accept his Dominance during the training period or give up the opportunity to illustrate the book.  Luckily his brothers will be there to assist.


Libertine Island Collection

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