What do you do when the Alpha is spying on you in his wolf-dog form and pretending to be a stray?

Samantha looked from Ginger to Penelope and back again. Then a smile lit up her face.

“Can you recommend a good vet, one who specializes in wolf-dogs?”

“What are you up to?”

“If Gabe comes by one more time in wolf-dog form instead of wooing me properly, I’m going to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.”

“What are you up to?”

“If Gabe wants to hang out with me as a dog, I’m going to treat him like one. Ginger, are you aware that shape-shifters have a hard time shifting when they are wearing a collar?” she asked innocently. “Next time he comes to visit, I just might take him for a walk. And maybe to the vet for his shots.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would, and you will not spill a word, do you hear me!”

“I had no idea about collars. Are you sure?”

“I grew up with three shifting brothers. It totally works.”

“I have to see this. Here’s the deal. You promise to bring Gabe downtown and walk him where I can see him, and I’ll keep your secret.”



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