First Blog

Hey, all.  Welcome to my blog.  Not much to see here so far, but in the weeks leading up to my first book release with Siren Bookstrand:  No Place Like Home on February 21st, I’ll be adding content and taking care of the general housekeeping.


3 responses to “First Blog

  1. Hey, Justina. Glad to hear from a happy reader. Writing can be a lonely pursuit, so feedback is always welcome!

    And if you are serious about trying to write, I recommend you check out the submission requirements on a few of your favourite publishers websites. That’ll help make sure you are going down the right road. Good luck!

  2. Justina Brown

    Hello Ms. Leyne,
    I just read your story, “Changing the Rules.”. I really enjoyed reading it. I was also happy to read that after reading books for years, you decided to give it a go yourself. I have also been wondering if I could write a story. I have an idea, but it is taking a little time for me to get all the nuts and bolts of the plot in my head. I have very little free time as I am also a student. I wish you well, and please continue with the Libertine Series.

    Justina B.

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