Coming Soon: Candy’s story, Running from Satisfaction

Are you waiting to finally read Candy (and Tait and Aaron’s) story? Sorry I made you wait so long. Running from Satisfaction: Welcome to Libertine Island is releasing on August 29th and should be on presale approx. 10 days before that.

If you haven’t visited Satisfaction Texas or met Candy yet, the very first Satisfaction Texas book is on sale at Amazon for $0.99, but not for much longer.

Tired of the men she loves taking her for granted, Candy Lowe takes a temporary job as a chef on Libertine Island to give herself some distance and perspective. Do her men really love her or is she just convenient to let off steam with after a mission?

Tait Sorenson and Aaron Day are ready to give up their dangerous jobs for the woman they love, and have spent the last six months extricating themselves from the agency. Problem is, they haven’t actually gotten around to telling Candy their plan. When they find out she’s left Satisfaction without telling them, they realize their mistake and track her down to Libertine Island. To win her back, they get temp jobs on the island too.

But someone else is looking for Candy. She’s got something that a killer wants and he’ll stop at nothing, including murder, to get it.

PS- not only will it feature Candy and her men, but it is a Libertine Island cross over and JJ and Charlotte (from Charlotte’s Dilemma) will appear.


Book List

Hey, all. One of my readers asked for a printable list of all my books. Check it out!

And don’t forget, Design for Dominance, Club Libertine 10, is now on presale!


And The Rule of 3, Club Libertine 9, is now available on Amazon, Kobo and soon B&N:

Finding Satisfaction – on sale for 99 cents at Amazon!

Get the first Satisfaction Texas book, Finding Satisfaction, for only 99 cents US (or local equivalent), for a short time only!!

Jess Archer is a woman on the run. It’s just her and her dog and a hundred thousand dollars in stolen drug money heading to Texas and her brother for help. When she learns he’s out of the country for a week, she has to find a place to hide out and finds herself in Satisfaction, Texas, where she meets rancher Murphy Smith and blacksmith Cole Reacher who introduce her to the joys of a ménage.

Their happiness is short-lived, however, when her ex, Detective Lance Dent, tracks her down looking for the money and her drug sniffing dog that he’s promised to sell to a drug cartel. If he doesn’t deliver, he knows he’s a dead man, so he’ll do anything to achieve his ends. Things go from bad to worse when Lance decides to sell Jess, too, and it’s up to Murphy and Cole to rescue her.

Serving Up Satisfaction – now available on Amazon!

Chef Noah Grainger lost everything he’d ever worked for when he witnessed a mob murder on the night he opened his restaurant back home in Chicago. He’s been given a new identify and has temporarily relocated to Satisfaction, Texas, while he’s waiting to testify.

He is working at Candy’s Diner and counting the days until he can leave Satisfaction, move on with is life, and start over. Mechanic Tanner Aronofsky has been happily alone for many years, but when he meets Noah, he falls hard and is determined to win over the wary chef, but Noah’s been on his own since he was eighteen and he’s not looking for a relationship. Can Tanner convince Noah to give both him and Satisfaction a real chance?

And then there’s the mob. They aren’t happy that Noah is going to testify, and they will do whatever it takes to stop Noah, putting both his and Tanner’s lives in jeopardy.

Dave & Lida 3 – Bad Teacher – Now on Sale

Check it out – Out today: Bad Teacher, Dave & Lida 3

Dave McKenna is up for a promotion at work and the one person who stands in his way is corporate instructor Lida Lawrence. She doesn’t think that nice-guy Dave has what it takes to be an executive so she offers him a weekend tutorial. If he passes, she’ll recommend he get the job.

The weekend tutorial is actually an intense hands-on thirty-six hour session with Mistress Lida. Will Dave submit to Mistress Lida’s unique training methods or will the student become the teacher?

Available direct from Evernight at 25% off (for a short time only), All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand and Amazon.

The Dom, the Switch and the Sub – Finalist in RWA Passionate Ink Contest

Exciting news: The Dom, the Switch and the Sub is a final 5 finalist in the Novella category of the Passionate Ink RWA contest. Winner will be announced late July at the RWA conference.

Contest Time: Win books or swag!

Who wants to win an eBook some SWAG? I’ve got 2 (yes 2) books coming out next week. The Rule of 3 (Club Libertine 9) comes out Monday from Siren Bookstrand and is on presale now at Bad Teacher (Dave & Lida 3 by Daisy Philips) comes out Tuesday at

I’m going to give away 1 copy of each of the first 8 Club Libertine books and 1 copy each of the first 2 Dave & Lida books. I’ll also be giving away two grand prizes of the Swag pictured.

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The Rule of 3, Club Libertine 9, on Presale NOW!

Teacher and sub Sarah Marks volunteered to teach an intro to BDSM session and is paired with Dom Nicholas “Ice” Della Corte. Their attraction is immediate and explosive, but Nick isn’t ready for a relationship. Her best friend Peter “Fire” Firenelli is ready for love. He’s tired of being just friends with Sarah and hopes she’ll see him as a potential Dom.

Making things even more complicated: Nick is wary because he has been nursing a broken heart for two years. The breakup cost him the woman and man he loved. What’s worse: that man is Peter, who tried to expose a gold-digger and lost his best friend and lover.

With the men being stubborn, it’s up to Sarah to figure out how to make things work, so she invokes the Rule of 3. Can the two men be able to step up to the table and let bygones be bygones for the woman they both love?


Have you visited Satisfaction yet?

Satisfaction Texas, a town filled with hot ménages and more.

Jess finds Satisfaction when she goes on the run from her crooked cop ex, fleeing with just her dog and $100,000 in stolen drug money!

GET IT FROM AMAZON US AT: Finding Satisfaction [Satisfaction, Texas 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)

Then there’s Jules. She’s pined over one man most of her life, but when a mysterious stranger comes to town, she finally realizes it’s time to move on. Then there’s her best friend who’s been waiting for her to notice him. Now she’s got three men, but when her life is in danger, only true love can save her.

GET IT FROM AMAZON US AT: Demanding Satisfaction [Satisfaction, Texas 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)

Nicola comes to Satisfaction to go undercover and find out who is trying to put the Whips and Spurs BDSM club out of business. She’s not looking for love, certainly not with two men.

GET IT FROM AMAZON US AT: Uncovering Satisfaction [Satisfaction, Texas 3] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)

Ellie is a part time pool hustler and full time teacher. She’s finally getting over her short lived marriage and in love again. Then her ex comes back. She realizes she loves them both and as they try to work things out, but then Ellie is kidnapped. Can the two men work together to save the woman they both love?

GET IT FROM AMAZON US AT: Playing for Satisfaction [Satisfaction, Texas 4] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)

Dave & Lida: Married Life Doesn’t Have to be Boring

David & Lida, a married couple who know how to put a little spice in their marriage. Click on the photos below to learn more and purchase your own copy at Amazon:

Amazon US Buy Link: Crawl for Me (Dave and Lida)

Amazon US Buy Link: Turning Tricks (Dave and Lida)